Blue Pet Transport


A flight nanny is a trained pet care provider and professional animal lover who travels in the cabin of commercial airlines with your pet comfortably stowed in an airline approved travel carrier. You flight nanny will pick up and deliver airport to airport and tent to all of your fur babies needs while in flight.

Once your delivery has been booked, we will have your assigned flight nanny create a group text containing all parties involved in the pet transport. You will receive a group text including reconfirmation of your flight itinerary and meet up locations 2-3 days prior to your scheduled delivery date. All parties will receive text updates throughout your delivery in this chat.

Typically, the breeder/shipper will meet the flight nanny curbside at departure of the airline the pet transported will be flying with. The receiver will meet the pet nanny at baggage claim. This information will also be provided in the group text you will receive 2-3 days prior to your delivery.

Your pet courier will have limited space so any items that are sent with the pet must be able to fit in a small book bag and be TSA approved. We suggest a small ziplock bag of dry food, a small toy and a small blanket. Your flight nanny will provide a travel carrier unless informed otherwise.

We offer our own in-house insurance for a cost of $50 that covers up to $5,000 in costs in the unfortunate case of injury or death of your pet as a direct result of negligence on behalf of one of our contractors.